Our PARTY has come to life with the ambition: to better protect,without excuses, the lives,goods and judicial rights of our men and women;to correct the injustices ignoring the cases of expiry of time and fait-accompli privileges;to end the life-long automated employment in public departments; not to hesitate to get rid of ineffective activities and public extravagance;while on the other hand,to provide every applicant,though with difficulty, with a job that creates real added value and only through such policies using positive science,to achieve a satifactory and superior standard of living quality for our people.

OUR DEAR MAN OR WOMAN:if you are really satisfied with your present living conditions, there is no need to further read our policies.However,if you are not satisfied and consider it worth for yourself to deserve better and modern living standards by persistent effort and especially,by fair work,in that case,please continue to read with patience.

At the beginning of the year 1939,then fresh prime minister,Dr.Refik Saydam told reporters that ‘every part of ours, from A to Z is out of order’.Now,our PARTY’s statement is that:’every part of ours, from E to Z is out of order.’In the past,disorder was the result of scarcity and ignorance.Nowadays, disorder is the result of public mismanagement and the wrongs of state bureaucracy.

THE HUMAN BEING is the most magnificient known miracle of the Universe.The STATE and its establishments are there to provide the people with righteous,correct and reliable services and to protect life and order.Every human being that has been well nourished and properly educated from its conception till at least 18 years of age, is a super potential entity,who owns the capacity to pay back many times all the efforts expended for her or for him;with rare exceptions.At the same time,the very human being can turn up to anybody from a liar to a bloody dictator if wrongly brought up.The biggest assets of a people is well educated and best equipped human capacity.

If our PARTY comes to power,we shall raise our children in the best way;we shall guarantee education most suitable to their aptitudes and to the social needs.To this end,we may even curb down medical expenditure for the aged.We shall follow the example of modern, developped, truly democratic countries and we shall compete with them on our super manpower.

0UR PARTY plans to hire public employees only where necessary and at wages proportional to capacity,similar to the practices of the private sector.With the exceptions of the judiciary and military employees,we shall end the existing guranteed public employment on condition of at least %60 approval by the electors on public referendum.We shall dismiss all the present employees on payment of compensation,the amount of which shall again be decided by public referendum.At the same time,we shall assign required minimum number of employees on a five-year contract basis.We shall re-arrange work hours,so as not to delay any public services. No excess of personnel shall be tolerated.In no case, shall we spend the taxes levied unvoluntarily from deserved incomes,on behalf of public employees who effectively sit idle,producing no added value.We shall not provide prosperity to the privileged and to the useless.We shall give a decisive end to the tolerance shown in this respect.

On the other hand,we shall assume that all our men and women are correct and honest.Any signed document shall be considered genuine.Documents of ratification by the prosecutor or by the public notary or a reliable guarantor in person shall not be demanded.However,the authorised person or establishment can easily conduct all checks.Any small minority that may exhibit fake behaviour or fake documents, can be dealt with accordingly.This is the practice in modern countries.We shall wipe out the built-in mentality of mistrust to all our men and women.We shall strenghten their self-esteem.We shall correct through persistent punishment those who have developped a habit of lying and deceit.

If our PARTY is granted power,that is to say,if our people count on us and vote for us,we shall put into action our policies with no hesitation or second thoughts;because we have too much delay already. Consequently,real income per capita of our people is only about a quarter of what is available in modern developed countries.After a preparatory period of about six months,to inform people effectively, to conduct mutual discussions at all respects and after taking necessary precautions for secure voting,we shall conduct referendums in the precedence of:

a.To replace existing public employees by those on a five-year contract and to pay their compensations.

b.Foundation of modern defence forces consisting of only true professionals,actually by their weapons.

c.To reduce sentences and fines to be compatible with the crimes;avoiding the extremes designed to dissuade others.Of course, there shall be no mercy for crimes which threaten human life and integrity.

d.To abolish the case of time expiry for verdict,indefinitely.

e.To abolish any unfair privileges,fait-accompli concessions or exemptions donated to some people beyond their occupational requirements.

f.Any legislation or practice approved by decisive public referendum can only be altered by another public referendum and not by the parliament.

In order that any referendum should be decisive and qualitative,it must secure at least 60% or three fifths of the votes cast.Further,we shall seek 67% or two thirds of the votes cast.Of course we assume at least 70% turn up to vote.We may repeat referendums if ambiguity arises.Other aims of our policies are generally long overdue,to be dealt with without delay.We make no equivocal or diversive statements.We stand behind our promises.However,should our people ignore our policies,we shall withdraw from the scene with no hesitation.This also we promise.

Our policy is to improve the living standards of our men and women in the most righteous, rational and speedy manner.


We envisage private sector as the basic social structure of our land,which will be more prosperous in future depending on the added value produced by private sector.This is the case in all modern wealthy communities.Public administration,that is state offices,are responsible for interior and exterior security, for health,justice and education.These services are fulfilled on payment of fair taxes.

At the present situation,public services are inadequate despite heavy taxes,with the partial exception of health services.We suffer insufficient services on the protection of human life,property and rights and on public education at all levels.

OUR PARTY stresses the determination and belief to provide better public services with less taxes. Public administration,that is state offices,shall be conducted as today by the elected and the appointed. The parliamentary system must continue,but the parliamentary immunities must be abolished,except for free speech. Minimum vote handicap is totally unjust.The mayors and local councils shall be elected directly on local elections.The governors of the povinces and districts may be appointed by the central government only for a short period of time;soon the provincial governors shall be locally elected ,to coordinate the mayors in the province,while all district governorships shall be abolished.There is no modern country left,that appoints local administrators from the capital.We have adopted the existing local administrative system from France,which itself has quitted it sixty years ago.

We reiterate that we no longer accept appointments of life-long automated, guaranteed public employees,donated with immunities.We must return from this greatest mistake.That we can achieve only,by receiving the approval of at least 60% of the voters in a public referendum.The amount of compensation for the dismissed personnel, shall again be decided by public referendum.Our PARTY acts in justice in the distribution of public employment possibilities.This means that:if public employment is an advantage,please allow others also to share it;if public employment is a burden,please let others also to carry it.There is a willing capacity of about five times to take up public employment positions,who can carry on work at the same quality.The majority of our young people insist on higher education mainly to qualify for life-long guaranteed,better paid public eployment.The avalanche of applications for entering public employment is an open proof of the fact.

If our PARTY is granted power,heads of administrative units in each province and each district shall be appointed by the elected provincial or the district councils,for five year periods;with the exception of the judiciary and the military appointments.Their salaries shall be revised every year by the councils, within specific limits,depending on their performance.The head of each administrative unit will select and appoint his or her workers,for a five year period,in the number required , arranging their salaries in accordance with their aptitudes.Inhabitants of the same town or of the same district shall be preferred for employment in administrative units.We shall abolish any unfair laws that prevent natives of any town to be employed in administrative positions of the same town.

Administration of big metropolitan towns,such as Istanbul,Ankara and Izmir poses many problems to the inhabitants,when governed as single provinces.Considering public services,division of these cities into a number of provincial administrations,each with own governor and the judiciary,will make life easier for the inhabitants.That the provinces are stuck to each other,will not pose a problem so long as the borders are well defined.

The administrations of independent important state offices in Ankara and elsewhere,shall be appointed by the members of the government,but again on a limited time contract.The administrations of the universities and institutes shall be elected by the academical staff.The procedures will be explained in the education section.

In the prevailing living conditions,public employees and the elected administrators can easily meet their transport requirements by their own means.All public vehicles,except those used by the President and those allocated to official foreign visitors,shall be auctioned preferably to public employees,if not to outside buyers.

The positions of village heads and of town-quarter heads shall be made clear with respect to public administration.At present,their powers and responsibilities are not made clear.If our PARTY is granted power,we shall increase their powers and responsibilities.We shall adjust their salaries,proportional to the number of inhabitants that they serve and we shall demand better service.Politically independent ,they will be elected directly on local elections.We shall take measures to bring together settlements that are too small to appoint any employee.

OUR PARTY requires referendums with at least 60%,preferably 67%,when taking vital decisions. This is essential for democracy.The Government should be able to call for referendum when wanted.Likewise,public referendum should be initiated by the votes ,for instance,of 200 members of parliament.Considering today’s communication facilities,there is no technical or financial difficulties in conducting referendums.Electors who are far from the assigned ballot box,can vote at the nearest box.Digital measures are available to check on multiple voting.Furthermore,our PARTY believes that our people will take part in conducting fair referendums,free of any payment.

OUR PARTY will not be in absolute obedience to the agreements signed by the prior Governments.In fact,every authority is responsible of its period of power and it should not be assumed that the later administrations are bound by the former.If major advantage is evident,long term contracts can be abolished by conducting decisive referendums.

If our PARTY is granted power,we shall ignore the entity of expiration of time and the excuse of immunities.On demand,we shall investigate significant injustices in the past and take them to the court.We shall ignore the case of ‘state secret’.For instance,we shall enquire the case of the officials who have played a blind eye on the sale of state funds by a bank which is not authorised.Similarly,who were responsible to command our aircraft to attack our battleships,in 1974 Cyprus operation?We shall discover the facts,even if those responsible have already passed away.


The formost duty of the state is the protection of our lives.Departments of police and gendarmary have been established primarily for this purpose.However,we all know that thousands of deaths and tens of thousand other crimes have recently gone unpunished.The police department,with so many ranks and branches has evolved to a huge ,self-contained establishment.Police authority take charge only on application after the crime is committed.

OUR PARTY shall re-organize the security departments primarily to focus on human safety.In an aspect,the police officers shall become our protecting angels.This procedure aims to feel and perceive crime in advance,thence to prevent it.Should any man or woman be disturbed verbally or physically in the slightest manner,the one responsible shall account for it on the same day.We shall give an end to:’judge left him free’ practice.All fire arms,licenced or not,including hunting guns,shall be collected from all civiliants through stringent checks;those who insist on keeping fire arms shall be fined and eventually,imprisoned.

If our PARTY is granted power,our settlements shall be divided into unit safety areas(GBBs),each covering a number of streets,houses,workshops,that amount to a population of about two thousands.In each GBB,two police officers shall be on duty all the time,on 24 hrs basis:that amounts per week,six officers each on duty seven days,to 56 hrs.These police officers shall be responsible of patrolling the GBB for all possible crimes,including traffic offences.It is essential that the officers shall be natives of the same GBB,so that they will have a good acquaintance of everyone around.This means that officers shall be employed in their hometowns;their salaries shall be adjusted yearly in accordance with their performance;they will not be removed unless they quit themselves.The plan is to achieve mutual ties of confidence and affection between the people and the officers.There will be close cooperation with the local authority and the judiciary.Any officer can only be punished or dismissed in case of negligence or misconduct.There will be a number of reserve officers and superiors in the district.As all premises and vehicles inside GBB are under the supervision of the officers,no separate police station or vehicle need to be allocated.Our police officers possess the capacity to be trained in all crime branches,including narcotics.Some members of our existing police force may object to take part in the new structure; alternative posts may be arranged or they may quit on payment of due compensation.Two distinct, separate security forces in one country raise problems:the jendarmary shall be merged with the police.In essence,it is no longer possible to distinguish rural and municipal areas.


The expectation of our men and women is a speedy court verdict,not exceeding three months,for instance,including higher court.In addition, our laws should be revised to protect human beings rather than protecting the state,as at present.Our legistlation should bear the aim to compromise rather than to punish excessively in order to dissuade persons from crime.The lowest and highest limits of sentences or fines for the same crime should not be excessive,as they are now.

If our PARTY is granted power:

a.We shall form a special status for judges and prosecuters,different from other employees.

b.Except for lawsuits concerning the state,prosecutor shall not participate in hearings nor an indictment shall be prepared;trial shall begin the same day,shall not be postponed,only to next day.

c.Call to trial shall not be made by mail,but direct by local officer,the same day.

d.Witness or defendant at distant location shall participate in the trial from the local interrogation office,at the presence of a judge,through internet or video connection.For this purpose, interrogation offices shall be formed at each province and district and abroad in every country where our state is represented,together with a judge always on duty.

e.In case of big crime trials,where the judges may be under stress or threat,one of the distant juries,that have been formed beforehand,shall be assigned by ballot to reach to a verdict, in lieu of the presiding judge;the jury shall follow the trial through internet or video connection.

f.As the entity of time limit shall be lifted by public referendum,trials shall not be postponed.

g.First degree relatives can participate in the trials,instead of lawyers.

h.No efforts shall be spared to perfect court procedures.

i.Ward groupings in prisons shall be abolished,single room with bath for each prisoner shall be newly constructed and allocated.After modifying the constitution,each prisoner shall be arranged to work six days a week,under standard safety and payment conditions.A limited amount of the earnings shall be kept for prison expenses,the rest shall be spared for possible debts,for his or for her family allowance and if not,kept for returning to normal life.Educational and recreational activities shall be arranged outside work hours.There shall be no limitation to make phone calls or to use internet on free time or to attend lectures.


At present,we have about 17 million children who attend 12 years primary and secondary school education.Correspondingly,we employ about 750 thousand teachers and administrative personnel.The State spends about two thousand liras per student per year.85% of this amount is paid to teachers,their taxes and social security fees.Teachers’ salaries are calculated accordingto the years of service plus any additional lecturing.

If our PARTY is granted power:

a-We shall aim to limit the number of pupils in a classroom to 30.To this end,we shall hire private buildings when necessary.We shall increase teachers’working hours and the number of teachers if necessary.

b.On all subjects,in all schools and classes,regular routine examinations shall be conducted on-line on internet at the end of each academic month.Correct answers of each pupil will be converted instantly to exam points;the monthly salary of the teacher shall be in direct proportion to the total points scored by the total number of pupils in the same class.First tests in the first class of the primary schools may require alternative arrangements.Internet web capacity may require to be increased.

c.Secondary education shall be uniform up to the completion of the eighth class.After the ninth class,that corresponds to lyceum,students will have the right to choose between the study subjects and branches under the same framework.Whoever wishes will prefer study of Kuran, theology or alternatively technical apprenticeship or tourism trade.Some study subjects such as mathematics,applied science,economics shall be common and compulsory.We plan to reduce lyceum period to three years and so,to complete basic education in eleven years.At the end of each school year, a graduation certificate shall be issued for each student,indicating the points scored in each subject but not defining any degree.

d.We shall dissolve imam-orator lyceums,military lyceums,technical lyceums or any other corresponding schools who actually lead to decomposition in basic education.We do not accept imam practice a profession.We require genuine workers rather than orators.Military training will be provided in the military corps.Those who shall not undertake academical education,may continue to schools of technology,where they will become technical personnel in accordance with the requirements of the industry.While so many comfortable positions are being offered for white- collar employees in state departments with a modest salary,no yougster will prefer to choose technician schools with a lower salary,before completing basic education.

e.We shall arrange to provide food support:milk etc, during the whole duration of basic education.We shall provide lodging with food for low-income and rural based children.

f.To bring up children of three-four-five age under proper care,will amount to great advantage at higher ages.Appropriate ready buildings in towns,suburbs and villages shall be converted to nursaries for three-to five year olds.We shall ask support from local people.We shall appoint instructor-nurses and provide food and provisions.We shall secure cooperation of parents.We shall extend this practice countrywide.Further on,three to six years nursaries shall be made compulsory by legislation.


One important bottle-neck for our people is university education.Graduate of any university or corresponding higher school gains a big advantage to secure a life-long position in public departments who are still the biggest employers.Further,university graduate qualifies to complete the compulsory military service as a reserve officer;which means:better payment and shorter service term,compared with non-graduates.Basically for these reasons,all youngsters’ ideal is to finish higher education.Demand can not be met despite the increase of the number of universities and their capacities.On the other hand,the number of idle graduates is multiplying.

If our PARTY is granted power:

a.We shall end life-long easy public employment.After dismissing present employees with due compensation,we shall assign the minimum required staff on five-year contract basis.Further,we shall abolish compulsory military service.As a result,university education will lose its attraction in the minds of young people and their parents.

b.Higher education is no luxury.University graduates will always show better performance.Our people will be more conscientious.Any young person who applies for higher education shall be given the chance to study at an establishment nearest to his or her home,on the branch chosen,with the exception of very rare subjects.The administrators of the establishments shall definitely arrange to provide lecture rooms and lecture hours to meet the demand.This is no difficulty considering todays’technology and finance opportunities.85% of the budget of educational instutitions is allocated to staff salaries.More shall also be spent on improving structural capacities.

c.We shall totally abolish university admission examinations.We hold no esteem to the mentality,which hinders university entrance,or directs to non preferred study branches,or forces to attend distant locations away from home, on the excuse of insufficient exam points.

d.There shall be no obligation to attend lectures.Students shall be able to track lecture subjects on internet,designed according to curriculum,and they shall make use of DVDs that have been prepared by their lecturers in advance.This is not the case of forum in the Hellenic age.At all classes,in all universities,on all subjects, examinations shall be conducted on line on internet at the end of every academic month.The points scored shall be available instantly and these exams shall be decisive to qualify for graduation.Each successful student shall undertake two months’ practice work,particularly in private sector.The student who has not been successful in the examinations, can continue same studies following year.Each successful student shall be awarded a certificate for each year,describing the study branch and detailed list of points scored.

e.No fees shall be demanded from successful student.Books,lecture DVDs and supporting material shall be lent free of charge.A reasonable fee may be demanded from the student who is repeating the same class.Educational credit shall be provided,as is today. Unsuccessful student shall not get credit.Any education credits shall be paid back on qualifying for employment,in accordance with financial regulations.

f.Salaries of academic staff shall be calculated by mutual consent according to the number of students,total points scored in the monthly regular examinations and progress in academical research.The staff shall themselves elect their academic heads,whose total terms shall not exceed four years.Promotions of academic personnel shall be decided upon by inter-university selection committee.

g.The state higher education administration(YÖK),shall clarify curriculum in each academic year,taking account of latest scientifical developments and shall be responsible of conducting centralized examinations through internet, with no mishaps.Furthermore,this administration shall secure fair allocation of staff salaries,with objective criteria.

h.The budget allowances of the universities and higher schools shall be allocated on the consultation of the YÖK administration and academic heads,taking account of the number of students and research activities.

i.We shall arrange conversion of military higher schools into faculties of technology.

j.In order to reach highest international educational standards,tuition language shall be switched to English,in most branches.

Turkish private sector enjoys neither long term,low interest investment credits , nor long term subventions or concessions,nor low-cost energy,when compared with other developing countries.In particular,industrial sector stays away from sizeable investments;makes use of lower-cost imported components and ingrediants.Unavoidable increase in imports while trying to increase exports.This trend continues for years;our government unable to find a solution.Our development rate is falling back.On the other hand,Turkey should not compare development rate with those of developed countries,whose incomes per capita is already four times as high.

If our PARTY is granted power:

a.We shall effectively reduce the public sector,which has escalated to a huge number by politicians to provide easy employment to gain votes,after obtaining approval by decisive public referendum.We shall arrange alternative employment to qualified personnel who can produce real added value.In this fashion,we expect to diminish the tax burden of the public sector on the private sector.

b.We shall arrange long term lower cost credits for the complete local production of cars, machinery,computers and cell phones,security cameras and advanced weapons,etc.


a.Medical practitioners have to undertake TUS examinations in order to be permitted to study and practice to become a specialist medician.These TUS exams are intended specifically to limit the opportunities of specialization,rather than evaluating the abilities of the applicants.In fact,the number of assistant specialists in the hospitals are inadequate and they are actually overworked.If our PARTY is granted power,we shall abolish these TUS exams and allow all practitioners to specialize in the branches they choose.Their actual qualification as a specialist shall be decided by a board of medical academicians.

b.The number of nominees to be accepted to professional studies for the juristical staff is also inadequate.We shall arrange for more nominees to become judges or prosecutors.

c.Required number of commanders for armed forces shall be educated in the military academy,as selected by the top ranking officers.


We have considerable number of citizens who have failed to receive basic education.If our PARTY is granted power,we shall provide the opportunity of basic education in small groups in every corner of our country,comprising litteracy,hygiene,religion,ethics,law,science and computer,for our men or women who hold no certificate.We shall conduct periodical tests of citizenship on the internet and we shall award a certitificate and a money prize to successful participators.Their teachers shall be paid according to the success of the participants.


Our PARTY considers the economical development of the country to depend on real sector.The owner of real sector is essentially private sector.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.We shall establish institutions that will protect the integrity of the members of the private sector against each other and especially against the State.The present institutions such as TOBB and the other confederations do not bother to protect the rights of their members.In our estimations,about two millon members,of all sizes,are enable to pay their taxes,security premiums and other debts;they are not entitled to any social assistance.

b.Any new modern commercial or endustrial enterprise must help the existing obsolete business by purchasing its goods and machinery that can be re-traded;further,the new business must give priority to employ the owners or relatives of the liquidated business.A council of experts shall be formed to organize such compensating activities.

c.We shall arrange documentation of all properties,funds,incomes and expenditures of the private sector.For this purpose,we shall re-organize existing chambers of trade,industry , agriculture and other business.At the center,we shall replace TOBB and the other confederations by an establishment that contains all private sector,including agriculture: ADMINISTRATION OF PRIVATE WEALTH RECORDS AND CREDITS.(ÖVKKK).This establishment will employ experts who will be authorized to describe the market profile of any private business,to advise liquidation,or change of branch or new investment.All business transactions shall take place within the knowledge of ÖVKKK ,who will settle conditions of trade with the banks and furthermore will set up independent credit funds.

d.All members of private real sector:tradesmen,industrialist,shopkeeper,farmers, corporations shall select their regional representatives directly,by secret voting.The candidates shall conduct their publicity in good time and the members shall be allowed to vote by internet, by fax or directly over a period of one week,in order to secure large scale participation.At present,voting on the same day by physical presence results in a participation of ten to twenty percent.These representatives shall in turn select the local administration of ÖVKKK.The term of office of the head of administration shall not exceed four years.The salaries of the acting members of the chamber and the personnel shall be in accordance with the total number of the members.

e.Annual membership fees shall definitely be collected in time,in no case postponed or accrued.These fees shall be used to pay salaries of the personnel and the necessary expenses. The remainder of all local chamber fees shall be collected in the central ÖVKKK credit fund.The fund shall not be made available to the Government or to any other authority.Except the required office,all properties of the existing TOBB establishment shall be converted to cash and added to the central credit fund.From this fund,limited quantity of credit shall be made available to members at prevailing bank interest rates,taking necessary repayment measures.


Turkish private sector enjoys neither long-term,low-interest investment credits, nor long term subsidies or concessions,nor low cost energy when compared with other developing countries.In particular,industrial sector stays away from sizeable investments,makes use of lower cost imported components and ingredients.This results in unavoidable increase in imports while trying to increase exports.This trend continues for years;our Government is unable to find a solution.Our development rate is falling back.Actually,Turkey should not compare its development rate with those of developed countries,whose incomes per capita is already about four times as high.

If our PARTY is granted power.

a.By conducting extensive referendum to obtain public approval,we shall effectively reduce the public sector,which has been escalated by politicians to huge size to provide easy,non-productive employment in order to gain votes.We shall arrange alternative employment to qualified personnel who can produce real added value.In this fashion,we expect to diminish the tax burden of the non-productive public sector on the harassed industrial sector.

b.We shall give priority to provide long term,low cost finance for the promotion of local production of basic items,such as cars,machinery,computers,cell phones,TV sets,security cameras advanced weapons etc.

c.We shall support investments on mining,agriculture and tourism that require no imports while contribute substantially to exports.Particularly in mining sector,we shall erase central bureaucracy and allow operation and formalities on the site.We shall provide advantages to investors on energy,to use inland produced equipment.

d.We shall inject the ideal to the brains to prefer inland produced goods,if we wish to get rich.


Total annual power consumption last year amounts to about 150 billion liras,approximately one fifth of our gross national production.About two thirds of this consumption is being imported in the form of crude oil,natural gas and coal.This amounts to about 56 billion dollars,which corresponds to our negative trade balance.In contrast to West European countries where rail transport is dominant,in our country road transport accounts for almost 90 % of total inland transport,which results in huge consumption of petroleum.Furthermore,during the last eleven years 103 billion liras have been spent for road construction and maintenance,as compared to 33 billion liras allocated to railways.

If our PARTY is granted power:

a.We shall aim to increase the share of rail transport from the present 5% to 70% at the earliest.We shall stop road construction and minimise road maintenance.We shall orientate large number of contractors who have subscribed to road construction, to construct high speed railroads instead.Main line transport shall be shifted to railways while end connections shall be left to existing roads.

b.We shall provide assistance and guidance to the existing industry manufacturing buses and lorries,to re-organize themselves to manufacture locomotives, wagons and other rail equipment.Similarly,favorable finance shall be offered for mass manufacture of electrical vehicles and their batteries.

c.In order to reduce 50%dependence of electricity on natural gas,we shall orientate on wood-fired power stations with no air pollution,in addition to new coal-fired power stations.For this purpose,we shall start wide scale campaign of wood plantation on all forest designated areas.After correcting the constitution by public referendum,we shall save back our forests from the forest department of the State;we shall shut down all forest offices,keeping those raising new plants.In our estimates,we shall allocate ten hectars of forest to everyone of two million men who are fit and willing to work physically to replant the forests.After ten years,we shall obtain as much electrical energy from wood fired power stations as we obtain at the moment from natural gas and we shall distribute annually the 20 billion dollars saved from gas import to two million forest workers,amounting to sizeable profitable employment.In order to put this project into effeect,which will protect our country from erosion,bareness and torrents,it will be essential to build about 30 billion cubic meters of stone walls,to form terraces.In addition to this,roads and cottages shall be constructed for the workers.Two million working foresters supported by public funds can complete this enormous project within ten years.

d.After paying back the funds used fort the investment,the income obtained from small hydroelectric projects,HES, installed on the streams shall be distributed equally between the inhabitants who live in the villages alongside the stream.Existing HES operations shall also be reverted to the same status.In this fashion,we expect to stop emigration from the region and also to mitigate the local objections to HES constructions.

e.We shall speed up operations to extract deep soil natural gas.Our aim is to reduce annual energy imports from 56 billion dollars to about ten billion dollars and thereby to annul negative trade balance.At the same time,by providing fast and cheap transport to every corner of the country,we hope to dissuade most people from emigrating to the west of the country.


It is remarkable that while national economical growth varies between 3 to 8 percent and while the real sector has almost stalled,the finace sector is growing at a rate over 15% every year.Ever since the Ottoman Empire,perhaps since the period of Suleyman the Magnficent,there has always occured shortage of money and the treasury has always been in debt.Public debts on one side,private debts on the other,our banks have become outsize.About one fifth of the national budget is transferred to banks as interest;in the past,this ratio was even higher.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.We shall forbid banks by legislation to assign personal guarantor to private credits.At present,millions of our people are in strife with each other or at court ,because of bank guarantorship,for the reason that the credit has not been reimbursed by the borrower.This practice which does not exist in modern banking,is an abuse of solidarity between persons.We shall make existing contracts of personal guarantorships invalid in two years.

b.Should the repayment of credit be delayed,the rate of interest shall not be altered,nor penalty charges shall be applied.

c.Bank credit conditions shall be standardised by the union of banks,to be practiced by all banks for specified credits.No extra stipulations shall be added by individual bank. Competition between banks shall be only on the rate of interest.The borrower shall submit a single signature at the bottom of the credit form.

d.There exists a common practice between our individuals,depending mainly on goodwill,to borrow and lend cash for short periods,without any document.If the debt is returned in time,there is no problem.However,many times the payment is delayed or has failed,causing despair and hostility.As there is no document,legal procedure is not applicable.This leads to all sorts of violence.In order to prevent such tragedies,except for first degree of relatives,we shall forbid by legistlation any borrowal of money without formal written contract,even if for one day. This formal contract,filled in standard form and signed at the presence and under the approval of any public officer,public notary,director of chamber of commerce or the village headman shall be legally binding.In this fashion,people shall be able to lend or borrow legally,under the conditions stipulated in the contract.This is also a valid solution for persons who can not borrow from banks.


We endure numerous taxes and official charges.As the direct taxes accounting on private or corporate profits are quite insufficient,indirect taxation has become dominant.Furthermore, official charges out of proportion are demanded for any official document or service.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.We shall give priority to dismiss the excess of state employees and to get rid of public vehicles,which we consider paramount waste of our taxes.

b.We shall take all measures at the earliest, to wipe out all unregistered trade.

c.Official account books of all enterprises shall be endorsed by the tax official at the business premises,free of charge.Invented taxes such as stamp tax,declaration tax, incompatibility tax shall be abolished.Official charges shall be reduced to the reasonable.

d.In each enterprise,each working owner and each worker shall have a tax free limit of 1500 TL per month,18000 TL per annum.Every worker shall be responsible to pay his or her own social security charges and taxes.

e.For all incomes:small or corporate business,agriultural,rent, bank interest,stock exchange profit,exceeding 18000 TL per annum,20% unique income tax rate shall be applied.We shall apply 10% value added tax to all goods,from bread to jewellery.We shall gradually reduce and minimize surtax.

f.Through frequent,implacable pursuits of tax evasion,we aim to recover the due tax plus interest of delay,which we shall publicly denounce in media for every evader;but we shall not charge the existing multiple fine.We shall not ignore that we remove a significant portion of the deserved income against the will of the tax payer.


The armed forces are evaluated not by the number of soldiers but by their war capabilities depending on their arms.No concessions can be allowed of most effective armaments with the best trained personnel to use them.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.We shall abolish the traditional military conscription,without payment,through decisive,unequivocal nationwide referendum.

b.We shall remove military corps and installations from the center of the country,particularly from Ankara and relocate them at full war capacity, alongside the border regions,where they are due to meet probable enemies.For instance,each military unit in the size of a division of about ten thosand men, that comprises infantry,canons,tanks, missiles,helicopters,coordinated nearby airbase, self-sufficient in military training,food, provisions,office and health services.Each such military unit shall be under direct coordination of the Chiefs of Staff in Ankara.

c.We shall re-organize Gülhane Medical Academy as an independent university.

d.We shall abolish auxiliary corps such as conscription and procurement offices and military bands.

e.Any applicant over 18,who has completed basic or higher education,who wishes to join military service,shall apply directly to one of these units.If found fit,he will be trained in the same unit;he shall be paid relevant to his post;he will be promoted according to performance and shall retire from military service at the age of 33,with due compensation.

f.Officers distinguished to be commanders shall continue to the military academy. Successful graduates shall be appointed commanders and shall be promoted ,according to their performance, to highest ranks.


27% of our land,about 22 million hectars,have been designated as forest area,but only about a fifth of it can be described as forest.The total income of the forest authority obtained from the sale of wood and timber,plus from the heavy charges levied from miners and hunters,does not suffice to pay for the salaries of 15000 assigned personel,plus 15000 temporary workers;thence consolidation from general budget.A modest amount is allocated to re-forestration.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.Starting from bare areas,we shall consign for long term,ten hectars of forest area to each volunteer who can physically work to renovate the forest.This calls for building roads,huts,endless stone walls to form terraces to sew up trees suitable for plantation.After completing these works, after about ten years,between 100 to 200 tons of wood,80%dry,shall be cropped from every ten hectars.Wood shall provide fuel to numerous regional power exchanges that shall replace the existing natural gas exchanges.Consequently,the amount of about 20 billion dollars now paid annually for the import of natural gas,shall be distributed to about two million forest workers.Furthermore,our country shall be protected from floods and erosion.

b.State forestration departments shall be shut down,their personel dismissed on compensation,with the exception of plant nurseries.


According to our present laws,employer is the guardian of the employee.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.The employee shall enjoy the same status as the employer.

b.Every employee shall sign one year contract with the employer,who shall regularly transfer the overall wage to the bank account of the employee,who shall be responsible to deposit own tax and social security charges.By the end of contract year,the state labor officer shall supervise that all the salaries,benefits and any due compensations have been settled;otherwise,fresh contract shall not be permitted.Each partner can terminate work contract earlier than what is agreed upon.Any salaries or benefits that have not been settled shall be brought to fiscal prosecution immediately to be solved with priority,never to be postponed.

c.Employee and employer shall be equally responsible of safety precautions.

d.The social security authority shall keep the account of each individual separately, life-long.Whatever payments have been received,against which whatever expenses have occured,including those made for the dependents;the amount of pension shall be calculated accordingly.This principle shall be followed in case of employment after retirement,so that working pensioner shall not be punished.


In our country,every free lance professional must register as member of the relevant professional syndicate or chamber.The laborers however,can only become members of any workers’syndicate,if they are lucky.The main aim of these syndicates is to secure better conditions for their members.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.Every free lance professional shall be a member of the relevant syndicate or chamber; members shall pay their specified fees regularly.

b.Elections of governing bodies shall not be confined to a single day,to allow at least 90% of the members to take part to vote.Maximum durations of office in the governing body shall be eight years for the members and four years for the president.

c.Chambers or syndicates shall not stipulate minimum amounts of service charges that violates the principle of free competition.


If our PARTY is granted power:

a.In all elections and referendums,each voter shall preferably use his or her vote at the polling box that has been specified beforehand;however,voters that are away from the specified box,shall be arranged to vote at the nearest box;multiple vote misuse shall be prevented by digital technology;any misuse shall be punished.Those who abstain from voting shall be deprived from some concessions.Voting period can be extended to two days.

b.All canditates shall be selected by effective public polls at the voting region. Assignment from the top shall not be allowed.

c.Public referendums shall take place at the request of the government or with the votes of at least 200 members of parliament,concerning important legistlations.To reach a conclusion, at least 60% of the total voters must participate and at least a decisive 60% must vote in favor. The contents of any legislation approved by referendum can not be altered by the parlliament; a new referendum is necessary for any correction.


At necessity,every person must be reached on at the same instance.Notification by mail is obsolete and sometimes useless.If our PARTY is granted power;alongside the citizen identification number:

a.Cell phone,fixed phone numbers and the cell phone number of the closest connection shall be recorded.

b.e-mail addresses of everyone and the closest connection shall be recorded.

c.Work and accomodation addresses of everyone and the closest connection shall be recorded.

d.In case of removal to a new address,relevant employee of the municipal authority shall be summoned to the location:to register the new address;to renew subscription of electricity, water, gas,telephone,etc;so that our man or woman shall be saved from the torment of chasing around for registration,instead the data shall be transferred.Except for intentional delays,no fine shall be applied for delayed registration.


In any truly democratic republic,information shall not be disguised with the excuse of state secracy.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.No approval by the responsible judge shall be required for recording sound and scenes,considering that it is not technically possible to hinder secret records which can readily be used as evidence anywhere.

b.Any recording that can harm military defence or that can disturb private life,may lead to heavy punishment.


Protection of the wealth of the induvidual is the duty of the state.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.Any person who has not been able to refund the owned credit,shall apply to the nearest office of fiscal prosecution.Document of debt such as a voucher or cheque is not sufficient;it must be supported by invoice or written contract.This application shall speedily be transferred by internet or fax to the fiscal prosecution office nearest to the debtor.If the latter can not document re-payment of the debt,prosecution office shall take necessary measures to refund the debt,without delay.If the due amount is not refundable in reasonable time,for instance by the compulsory sale of property,the debtor shall be asked to report to any prison to serve sentence,where he or she shall be provided employment to pay back the due debt.

b.Water and electric services shall not be cut because of unpaid invoices;they shall be refunded as other debts.

c.No priority shall be favored for the refund of public debts.Any income shall be equally shared between creditors.

d.If the extension of a rental contract is not being allowed by the owner,the fiscal prosecution office shall conduct the evacuation of the property,without court decision.


Municipal authorities arrange council decisions to deny any land owner to make any construction on his or her property by allocating it for green area,road improvement or public institution,completely free of charge.On the other hand,they donate licences for multi-storey buildings wherever they wish.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.Municipal planning shall be long term;municipal councils shall not be able to make alterations whenever they wish.

b.Payment shall be made for any private property allocated for public use.

c.If an improvement on re-construction conditions occurs within five years after sale of any private property,a court case of compensation arises between the old and new owners.

d.Whenever a heritage document is issued by the court,a copy of it shall be submitted to the office of property registration,so that the inherited properties shall be registered on the new owners,with no charges.Every inheritor is independent on the use of his or her share.


Being a newly founded party,we are entitled only to remind that:

a.Good grace can not be achieved by force.

b.Administrations that do not tolerate diversities disappear sooner or later;such as Nazi Germany.Administrations that accomodate diversities, remain;such as USA.


About a quarter of our population have become accustomed to live under conditions that do not fit to human dignity.Thanks to existing re-housing projects, low-income people in big towns shall embrace better living standards.This cross-section of poor people living in suburbs can always find work,even if at low wages,total income per family amounting to 1500 -2500 TL.Our men and women who have not quitted their villages or settlements,perhaps live peacefully,but because they can not find continuous income,they suffer shortage of cash; their living standards do not improve;emigration becomes inevitable.

If our PARTY is granted power,first we shall renovate existing houses of the village and town people who do not emigrate.Every house shall have bathroom,kitchen,lounge and sufficient number of bedrooms.Everybody shall have three clean sets of garments in the wardrob.We shall organize basic social education at home by special teachers and we shall give awards to those who are succesful at the ensuing tests.These persons shall become indebted to the state and in turn, they will be employed in construction,agriculture and forestration works nearby to pay back their debts.To develop opportunities of added value work at home to our people,to prevent emigration is one the most important policies of our PARTY. Further,we shall collect any beggars from the streets and accomodate them accordingly;we shall discourage begging by all means.


The fundamental rule in business is to produce effective marketable added value using positive effort and capital.At present,being open to international competition,we fail to increase our income per capita,because of comparatively higher overall labor cost,higher interest rates and higher energy cost.Our big investors stay away from big investments.We consider the existing official development strategy unrealistic.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.We shall organize comprehensive consortiums of economists and businesmen to discuss and decide on which areas of production and service to invest in order to create optimal marketable added value and to this end, how much state subsidies and concessions shall be.

b.We shall allocate finance for these investments in accordance with their priorities and plans.

c.We shall divert from non-promissing investments;we shall wipe out extravagance.

d.We shall reduce taxes on energy.


If our PARTY is granted power,we shall set up a ‘REASEARCH COUNCIL’ from amongst our scientists,who occupy on applied science,to decide with which priority and importance we shall finance research subjects.We shall select actual researchers according to their plans to reach succesful conclusions.Those researchers who are succesful shall be rewarded and their work shall continue.Those who are not productive shall be replaced by the alternatives.We shall listen only to the sound of progress and not to the sound of the superiors or bureaucracy.


One of the problems to be solved for the comfort of our people living in metropolitan cities, is parking.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.We shall mark with durable paint and assign numbers of all the possible parking places in the streets and squares.

b.We shall allocate each car owner one parking place near his or her house and another parking place near his or her working place,at reasonable charges.Parking allocation card shall be readable on the windscreen and each car shall be parked exactly on the place with the allocated number. There will be sufficient number of park attendants.

c.There will be also parking places for temporary parking which shall be used under the direction of parking attendants,on payment of the assigned fee,to be paid against receipt.

d.Those who do not obey the rules shall be fined.Accumulated money shall be used for opening new car parks.

e.Traffic of numerous empty taxi-cabs to chasing customers constitutes both waste of oil and unnecessary occupation of the roads.We shall make available parking lots for taxi-cabs and install wired calling points along the streets every hundred meters to call taxis from the nearest taxi park.

f.We shall watch all roads day and night against traffic offences,using security cameras and personnel on duty.


Post office ,PTT,which is a common requisite for everybody,is a Public Economical Administration,KİT, that is still not privatised.If our PARTY comes to power:

a.We shall guaranty low-cost mail to be delivered inland to any location within 3 days.

b.We shall reduce money order and cargo charges to minimum that shall not be a loss.

c.Post offices shall stay open six days of the week,like private cargo offices.

d.We shall make arrangements for direct individual low-cost delivery from the producer to the consumer both for agricultural and industrial goods using post office services.

e.We shall arrange to collect payments of public service invoices at lowest cost.


State organized lottaries allows only about 40%of the money deposited by the participants to be distributed to the winners,the major portion being removed by the treasury and for charities.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.At least 80% of the accumulated amount shall be distributed to participants.The biggest prize shall be limited to 500.000TL,from which only 20% tax shall be levied.

b.On the condition that any damages shall be instantly compensated ,every person shall be entitled to dig for treasure at no extra cost,under the supervision of public employees.In case of sale of any discovered items,only value added tax and income tax shall be payable.

c.We shall conduct public referendum on the subject of permitting poker under the supervision of tax office;we shall conform to the result.


We assume that we have too many official holidays.If our PARTY is granted power:

a.Sundays shall be official holiday;Saturdays shall be free if there is no urgent duty.

b.1st of January,29th of October,the first days of fasting and sacrificing religious feasts shall be official holiday.23rd of April,1st of May,19th of May and 30th of August shall be celebrated at the establishments concerned,but shall not be official holiday.These principles shall not be altered by government.


Naming public investments after living politicians has become a fashion.If our PARTY is granted power,except for our great historical heroes,we shall conduct regional referendums to determine eventual titles of these public works.


While exemplary countries are being governed by the same constitution for centuries,we plan to prepare the fourth constitution at the 90th year of our Republic.Our present constitution has been prepared by academicians, who had no experience to govern people,on the instruction of military rulers.In this constitution for instance,should a person constituting a menace be shot dead by police with the approval of the governer,it will not be considered a crime.Notwithstanding,no person can be forced to labor at any case.As a stipulation of our constitution,assigned forest areas of our country have been granted to the state forest administration which means the misfortune to remain a barren country.In fact,our constitution is too long and unnecessarily detailed.While our constitution consists of about 100 pages,the constitution of the USA is considerably shorter,despite the complex formation of the union.Our new constitution should also be short,precise and easy to understand.

If our PARTY is granted power:we shall concentrate on legistlation to protect the freedom of the individual against the state.As differing from other modern countries,our man or woman shall be free even to openly sell his or her organs at own will.Our humans shall be free to enjoy as they wish,so long as they dont disturb other humans.We shall protect our brave policemen from the shame of coming and going between the fearless women and demanding men.On the other hand,should anyone commit slightest offence,cheating,lying or exerting force to somebody else,he or she shall be punished adequately the same day;the judge shall not be authorised to postpone punishment.


While the total inclusive monthly payment to any West European parliamentarian is about one tenth of the annual inland gross product ,GNP per capita,the inclusive monthly payment to Turkish counterpart is about equal to our GNP per capita.In short,in our poor country,payment to our members of parliamet is about twice as high as their European colleages.Furthermore,past parliamentarian pensioners receive pensions that are about four times as high as civil service pensioners.If our PARTY is granted power:payments to parliamentarians,ministers and their pensioners shall be re-adjusted and related to annual gross income per capita.This will mean that the payments to our parliamentarians in office or on pension shall increase in proprortion with the increase in national income;our parliament will not face the dilemma to assign the salaries of own members.

Economical assistance to political parties from public funds shall be decided according to the result of public referendum:to be terminated or continued in whatever manner.